Friday, March 4, 2011


Material :
50% Cotton
50% Polyester
5pc Queen Bedspread Set with Comforter

Now RM400.00

4pc Queen Bespread Set
RM255.00...Less 10%

Now RM229.00

5pc Queen Fitted Bedsheet Set with Comforter
RM360.00...Less 10%

Now RM324.00

4pc Queen Fitted Sheet Set
RM160...Less 5%

Now RM152.00

4pc Twin Fitted Bedsheet Set with Comforter
RM275.00...Less 10%

Now RM247.50
composition :
* 1pc Twin Fitted Sheet
* 1pc Pillow Case
* 1pc Bolster Cover
* 1pc Comforter

2pc Twin Fitted Sheet Set
RM98.00 nett

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